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For Today, and Nothing Else

For Today, and Nothing Else

A calm wind cut at my ranking eyes
Cool and blistering, gentle, as wintering days subside.
Days get quicker and quicker, fuller, still,
Restless are weary memories of eating the poison pill.
Restless, restless, restless.
May today be the day?

Tears of a cross-eyed monster float and melt;
The aching depths of a flame erupt and rise like I’ve ever felt.
Having taken one last look at all that has come before me,
I wonder why at all I ever waited to breathe.
Have a meal today, and leave the crumbs at your feet.
May today be the day.

So take me to the station, put me on a train.
I’ve got no expectations. Just a worthy passenger, in an effort to sustain.
And as roots grow over webs, and this health caresses my core,
By God, I will make it as clear as anything ever seen before.
Welcome your dreams. Welcome what is cherished. Welcome what you love. Welcome what you’ve bled for. Welcome your restless agony. Welcome the years. Welcome the faith of an everlasting belief. Take it, and go.
May today be the day!

May today be the day. May the wonders in your life grab hold and help, as you begin to carry a greater stone. Whether they be family, friends, loved ones, may they be at ease. And may they be bountiful. Today is perfect. Today is ready. Today is beautiful. May all of your restless ambitions see a second pew as you beget your own voice.

Let it be, and thrive!



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For Today, and Nothing Else 2014