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Misc. Poems


Whether we want to or not, we might fall
and stumble, slip or slop
We might tarnish our feathers, or tie our wings,
whistle in the wind till our heart stings
We might forsake or take for granted, not notice,
or forget our time is so enchanted
Fall on our face or think we’re gone,
regret the past, and wait to carry on
We might even wonder how it got so bad,
take a moment, and get really sad
There might be an aching in our soul,
a line,
a thought that keeps us from growing full
But as it is you haven’t gone too far,
you can always stop and remember who you are



Flower On A Wall

A flower sits there burning on a wall
It crumbles and melts, but does not fall
Once it stood breathing so tall
Now wilting to ashes, petals and all

Has seen close to everything
Connor’s first steps, Kaila’s bee sting
Has to know what is going away
All suddenly turned to a cloud of ash and grey

Think it’s time to look for the rest
One last look at this flower I never thought was the best
I used to think we’d be here forever
But I know people die, and at least we’re together




An eagle guided and reigned a way,
He bled and sweat his stay
A little fat kid came and sat on his face
He sat there in a diaper of faith, eating and shitting at his own pace
Drinking his own fame, losing all shame, mocking the entire game, pissing on those who helped find his name