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Where You Can Aim, Where You Can Always Go

Where You Can Aim, Where You Can Always Go

The greatest treasures we find in life are people who volunteer to listen to you. Right after that are the people who want to see you smile. We teach ourselves when we’re young what we think is beautiful and the idea develops with time. If we want to we can almost depict the lives we’ve lived by cataloging everything and all the characteristics of what we thought was beautiful over time. A certain smile someone had, a certain feeling someone gave us, an indelible truth we discovered in the simplicity that was before us; we all live to recognize beauty in abundance, but we define our lives with the beauties we turn into treasures. The moments, the lessons, the people, the memories, the bonds we bind our heart with and we rely upon to recall anytime we need to remember what is worthwhile.

It’s ok to be hurt. It always is. Life happens, and if you’re going to fully participate, it’s suppose to hurt. Life was designed to feel, with amicable fluidity and endless amounts of intensities in every vibration it offers; being hurt is one of those feelings. It’s also ok to get lost. The world was designed for discovery; it’s necessary to get lost from time to time. Tending to the broken pieces of yourself after a fallen leap of faith will always be more withstanding and more nourishing to a person than never having taken the risk to begin with. Life is going to constantly test. And pain can weld like molten aluminum under the skin and through the veins, flowing up to and covering the heart with a burning barrier of distancing desperation. Enough causes everything around you to lose meaning. Faces disappear into a cloud of cautious and fear ridden disgusts and exaggerated paranoias, and you grow exhausted with each winding day from all the people trying pull on a piece of you while you’re stuck in the hustle trying to figure out who the hell is everyone, at the same time trying to put yourself to sleep every night. Memories flee and tear like velvet over a flame. Bad memories simply burn, and even pleasant memories turn bittersweet, telling us what we want, but mercilessly reminding us of the sanctity of how brief our time is here. With enough pain, even your principles can sometimes lose value, because all you want is an excuse by almost any means to feel like yourself again, or maybe to feel anything at all.

But you never know what is around the corner, you never know how you’re going to wake up tomorrow. And even when you can’t hold onto the spirit of tomorrow, and you’re unconcerned with the preciousness of today, there is some life, somewhere, in anticipation of your voice and you’re specific set of eyes which have seen the world in no other way that anyone else has. Always remember that because however many billions amounts of years this world has been here, we still haven’t figured close to everything out. There always is and there always will be life everywhere, whether you want to find it or not.



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