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Bullets & Vitamins


I woke up groggy as hell, I guess hella groggy if I wanted to sound like a jackass. I wiped my eyes and remembered what happened. Fuck. What the hell is happening to my life?

I was piecing together the night and having that exact thought when I rolled over and saw the most disturbing sign I’d ever seen in my life. “DISPOSE SOILED LINEN HERE” in big bold black lettering over a neon pink background so people would know. That way they wouldn’t try to recycle the soiled linen, or mix it with the other trash, or leave it on the bed. I immediately felt like I was laying in someone else’s shit.

I laid there for a few minutes looking at the sign before a nurse came in. I’ve always admired nurses, and I know she’s just doing her job, but I freaking hate all these people. We went back and forth about when I would be able to leave. And she explained it was a mandatory 72 hour hold, which infuriated me to no end. I began referencing Nazi Germany before she left and the intake nurses came in to do their job. And just to be clear, someone truly intent on hurting themself or others can probably find a way to do so without hiding weaponry up their own ass or underneath their scrotum.

I asked for as much drugs as possible that night to help me sleep, coughed them down, made due with the lousy breakfasts and forced upon meetings and activities, and drifted my way through the rest of my time there.

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