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A four page short story based on and written to Pink Floyd’s “Hey You” about two men waiting riding a bus stop confronted by contemporary social issues of their time.

A charming man approached a repulsive man at a bus stop, in the middle of a desert. “May I sit down here, sir?” the charming man asked. The repulsive man stared up to the charming man, down to the seat adjacent to him, back up to the charming man, then leaned over and spit on the ground beside him. “I appreciate the welcome,” the charming man said taking a seat. The repulsive man stared back at the charming man blankly. “Would you care for a shot of bourbon?” the charming man asked with a big stupid grin on his face holding up a silver flask. The repulsive man turned his head and looked back out across the road without expression. “Nothin gonna beat a quiet sip of a good bourbon before this forsaken bus ride,” the charming man expressed cheerfully before taking an extended gulp out of his flask.

The repulsive man continued to stare across the road as if there had been nothing said at all. The charming man wiped his mouth, took another sip and leaned back at ease. “Couldn’t imagine a man around here not enjoying the pleasure of good whiskey,” the charming man spoke out loud. Finally the repulsive man reached over and stuck his hand out. A half hearted smirk inched onto the charming man’s face as he placed the flask into the repulsive man’s awaiting hand. The repulsive man wiped his mouth on his arm, took the flask to his mouth and drank to his pleasing. He handed it back to the charming man, looked him in the eye, and then back out across the road. “I was suspecting this to be a good trip,” the charming man said with a peaceful acceptance as he took another sip out of the flask.

They share a few seconds of unnoticed silence before the bus pulled up.

“Well, this must be our bus, or it is possible that they stopped to see how good looking we are.” the charming man said sarcastically as he turned to the repulsive man to await approval for his half hearted attempt at humor. The repulsive man turned toward the charming man, and looked at him in absolute disgust and disapproval. The charming man smiled under his breath as they both stood up and got on the bus. They paid their fair and walked to the back of the bus.

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