To whom it may concern:
As countless amounts of people have before, our world, and life in general, have come to the crossroads. Though the path might have already been decided for us. This letter I am writing you today is not one out of spite or envy, nor hatred or condemnation, but mostly I am simply writing this letter with the intent to inform, and to ask for better. And to be clear as possible, I wish I wasn’t doing this. Maybe in a different time, in a different place, things would be different. I almost feel like I’m tearing down Santa Claus. Though, perhaps I’d feel different, if there was some alternate universe which Santa Claus didn’t only make toys and spread joy to the kids, but led a completely dubious and double life where he raped, abused, and murdered the kids, and ate their souls, as truly seems to be the case with the entity I am going to mention.
That entity is Taylor Swift, and all is not how it is made out to be. It’s actually way worse than that.
Perhaps all of Hollywood might be this way. Glitz, glam, red carpets, and galas for all to see. And behind closed doors, pedophilia, con artists, closet psychopaths, arrogance, hubris, outlandish narcissism, and dark sadistic cult-like rituals and traditions far more frightening and real than your most disturbed nightmares.
My only question is who and how many are all complicit? I mean I guess we all are to some degree. We go along with it because they give us what we want… The 5th Avengers and a remake of every Disney film ever made, another synthesized beat box song we can dance to, and even one with a message to it. Of course that message isn’t one that actually came from Taylor Swift, herself. Certainly not from her heart. Perhaps something or someone else’s. When did we allow the world to fall into the hands of obliged and obligatory sycophantic disc jockeys and enablers who prop up these false idols? At what point behind this curtain we tend to call life, did we allow everything that is good and real to become perverted by popularity and a really intense sense of FOMO? All I’m saying is things are not what they seem. Things are not what they seem, at all.
When I was younger, I used to always say “Anything and everything is always possible. You have to believe in yourself.” I guess also though if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans. And as it turns out, I guess that’s the one thing I actually have learned in my life. The depths and wonders of our world are nothing short of infinite, beautiful, and miraculous. And they should be protected, and honored, and praised everyday, at all times.
Recently the concern of priorities has poured into me like a wrecking ball. What is at the top of your list? Who is there and why? Sometimes we concern ourselves maybe a little too much with what it is we’re doing. All things are poured into that notion; trying to advance, trying to build, trying to perfect, hell, sometimes just trying to figure shit out. We can exhaust our selves to oblivion if we allow it with what is going on. What is going on? What is going on? And more often than not, not enough emphasis on “why?” Why are we doing what we’re doing. Or we find excuses around it, or a bird flies by, and we get back to whatever it was that we were doing. My intention with this is not to target Taylor Swift, or bring her down. That’s not my game. And she’s one of the most powerful and followed people in the world right now. I know this very well. And even when I started writing this, with the notion of my own personal priorities in mind, I wondered: why am I doing this. Why am I really doing this. Without hesitation or any further speculation, the answer always was because it’s the right thing to do. I wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t absolutely necessary.
Take a nickel and throw it on a chair and it’ll probably find its way up some celebrity environmentalist’s ass these days. All focus and attention now goes to what is the problem on the outside and how quick can we develop, advance and sell the technology to “fix” it. And after that, how can I take a selfie with it. Not really too much concern for what’s inside it, and what it’s made out of. All glory to the trending image, and complete and utter disregard for substance, or quality, or character. All pupils geared toward the show, and off to the leper colony with actual authenticity. It’s never seemed more true, that all that matters, that all that we care about, mainly, is the packaging. Marketing, packaging, and distribution. And the entertainment industry was the first off the block with this, and is still where it is most prevalent. It doesn’t sell art or anything that enhances a culture, as much as it sells flesh and desire, and cultural assimilation. Building and establishing a brand is the end goal. Regardless of personal inclinations toward the “work,” the brand comes first, and the brand is what moves the product. And some of those brands are a total hoax. It’s actually rather remarkable what is capable of being when the status quo is “this is how it’s done.” You can actually establish a brand initially based on things like love, kindness, and wholesomeness (and post to that effect) where the person at the front of it doesn’t even have to have a real conscience or moral or ethical or honest bone in their body. As long as we keep tilting the scales toward the appeal of life and what and how much we can do with it, the more we will detract from the quality and integrity of life, and all that it can be.
In less than two decades we’ve already gone too far. And I’m the first one to admit I’ve been guilty of this as well. The first time I ever heard about Taylor Swift, I thought she was someone doing something differently. Someone doing things “right.” …She just has a better brand and a more cunning team. One of them might even have seven heads if I’m not mistaken. One generation had John Lennon and The Rolling Stones together. This one has Taylor Swift and BTS. It’s basically like we’ve made idols out of the things we’re told are to idolize, rather than things that will actually last forever… because they made music or did something that was actually real. At a time of great divide and divisiveness and pettiness, we’re stuck looking around at who we’ve chosen as leaders and “influencers” and we got Disney stars without any talent but are “followed” by everybody, Youtubers, former reality star presidents, the central banking system, and pop stars that can eat a donut and make us care about it. All the while teenagers and even older are pouring their hearts out on social media for a chance to be “heard” and “liked.” Or even more isolating, a superficial comment “we’re here for you!” or a #gotyourback. I mean not to even go there, but Frank Sinatra got away with murder because he knew the mafia, not because he had a hundred million followers on Instagram. The most shameless people in the world shouldn’t be enabled to shame an entire planet. History shouldn’t be made with a tweet. And music, which can drive the soul, shouldn’t be held hostage by the most disgusting industry, and funneled out by the most disgusting “people.” And social media, even though this idea is not trending, is terminal cancer to free thinking and the crucifixion of individuality.
We’ve created a mold and it’s spread so far into the structure of our lives and our daily comings and goings that it’s just become the way that it is, and it’s basically like you better fit into that, wear that color, eat that food, like those people, support that brand, or have no chance. And probably everyday, people, children, hearts and lungs of all sizes, shapes, and forms, that have no other real choice and are just designed to try… try… try… always, and give everything until they’re basically just a bag of blood being poured into their CEO’s or company’s or whatever’s chalice, sitting on their throne made out crap and plastic built in China. People like Taylor Swift, who use the word Love to make a profit, and turn It into a commodity, and take people’s natural desire and affinity to care, and make it a currency, are a wasteland that will kill everything in its path that is dear and sacred, and that make Life wonderful. We’ve become a society built on stilts made out of silicone wrapped garbage, and good people and the stuff that makes good people is dying everyday in individuals. We’re corrupting everything natural and worthwhile, and naturally we’re spending and directing our most valuable resources towards marketing things that are nothing, and cheap.
And for those that know better, it is far worse than that. A lot of this stuff is right out of the Epstein Island docufiles, where the most prominent influential “respectable” people of culture and society are doing things behind closed doors far more gross, and disturbing, and real, than could ever be imagined. The things that were “allegedly” done at Epstein Island are not just done for sick sadistic narcissists to get their kicks, although that’s definitely a lot of it as well. The things that were done, the way they were done, are for the means of ritualistic practices; more specifically, satanic rituals. Where they meddle, manipulate, sabotage, and sacrifice people’s lives, livelihoods, and souls, all in the name of satan. This is done in ways that are unbelievable, and as gross and perverse as it gets. A small example of something like that is in the lyrics of her song, “false god,” the line “my hips are the altar,” perhaps refers to satanic rituals, such as something called ‘The Black Mass,’ where Taylor Swift’s naked body is being used as an altar during a ceremony. The title of her album, ‘Lover,’ in all likelihood refers to The Lover triad of the Ordo Templi Orientis, an occult organization that was spearheaded by someone coined “the most wicked man on earth” because of things he was willing to do to people. All I’m saying is things are not as they seem. These people, people that are willing to do these kinds of things, are not innocent in any way, and frankly, couldn’t be any further from it. Furthermore I believe they (satanists in general) enjoy doing things to children because of a child’s innocence. It is a show of force and domination, corrupting the magic of youthful innocence and imagination in a child. If one would take pleasure in the complete disgrace of Life, especially disgrace of Life for your own personal gain, then it would only make sense why a child would be the preferred target of these people, because children love everything. If these are the role models we’re going to choose, then we need to know what we’re choosing. If we’re going to believe and put stock into an image, then it’s important that the narrative behind that image should at least exist. And if the reality is the opposite of the brand built image, then we’ve done something wrong. The idea is to hide in plain site, the idea is to create a new threshold for normal, the idea is to make it look more “innocent,” etc., let’s at least be aware that the robes, the snakes, the cryptic posts, the eye thing, the agendas, all of it, bares a very real and serious, dark, and even murderous consequence. This is as sick and as evil as it gets.
Show me the way a person loves, a real-life living human being, and what they’re willing to give, and you can be assured of that person’s worth. Even if they love and give to the wrong people and things. There are two schools of thought out there that I’m sure most of us are aware of. One is you fell down that hole, get yourself out. The other is I see you in that hole, let me lend a hand. I don’t believe either one of those is wrong. They both have merit. But it shouldn’t be so polarizing where one side says, “I can’t reach that far, let me go get my entire family to help you out,” and the other is laughing at you while you’re climbing, and goes and gets their entire family to throw sand and rocks at you. We don’t have to make things too complicated, do we? No matter who you are, if you witness someone given any set of circumstances succeeding and in triumph, and you can’t bring yourself to recognize that, or you’re actually arrogant enough to reject it, or flat out lie about it, then yes, it’d have to be said there is no place for any real victory, measure of any real worth or value, or even grace for you. Matter of fact, there’s no creature smaller or more insignificant that’s ever existed. In the big picture of things, you’re less than a rat, or any rodent. And an embrace from you would probably turn flesh to ash, bones to dust, and cause your organs to shrivel to stone.
Look, I never thought I’d be saying anything like this, but who are we, who is anybody or anything really think they are to mock, manipulate, and tarnish to no end somebody and something that does nothing but show you love, care for you beyond belief or reason in every earthly and eternal way possible, and just simply try to be there for you? If I were to bet, I’d bet someday the pillars of this earth that were purchased from Ikea are going to crumble, the ground that isn’t even yours will shake, all the gates and walls that are hollow and translucent will just be brushed aside, and these so called leaders who rule from arrogance and provide with lies will indeed fall and burn. Where will that leave you? Where will that leave your children? …I’m not saying to go run off and whatever or anything like it. Just at what point do we consider trying to do a little better for each other? When you learn, you grow. When you experience, you change. Isn’t it almost our duty as human beings, even strangers, no matter who, no matter what, to make that collective experience something amazing and something that we belong to together? Who’s the asshole that said otherwise? Why’s he worth listening to… at all? All the cool kids now want to dance actually with the moon, and pray to Jupiter and Neptune, while just this earth, our planet as we know it was designed to provide infinitely and in abundance. All we need to do is try. Just care; a little bit. And we can’t even do that. Some aren’t even capable of it.
Not saying we all need to sing kumbaya, and hand everyone a trophy. I’m not for bubble wrapping the world. But we’ve maybe crossed a point where we might not be able to get back some of the real richness and flavor that makes a society and culture fantastic, and great. Hollywood is known to be a disgusting place. At least a huge portion of it. Always has been. And perhaps Hollywood just rubbed off onto Taylor Swift… but she does it all soo well. I’m not trying to knock business. I’m saying that is what it is. All it is. And I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel. I’m simply saying it is important who we choose as “rolemodels.” It’s fair to say Swift does preying on the vulnerable, underhanded sleazy crap, leverage and manipulation, backstabbing, theft, fraud, and abuse of power, as good as anybody ever has. I’ve never said and would never say she’s not a good high class cheap business woman. She’s a natural at what she has been taught. That is it though. That is all it is. It’s an image. It’s not about anything other than that. I’m saying the narrative, indeed, never existed. I’m saying we as a consumer have gotten the raw end of this deal. I’m saying this is why the quality levels go down. Make it for the cheapest; sell it for the most. Taylor Swift is no different. Beyond that, there is quite possibly an even more dark and sinister agenda than just money.
Mark Twain said, “It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare.” He probably said that over 150 years ago. Which is almost like saying people would rather put themselves in physical danger, rather than social danger. It’s terrifying to think back then they didn’t have the internet or social media, everybody didn’t have access to everybody at all times, there was a sense of actual privacy, there wasn’t a constant stream of pressure coming from different sides to be a certain way, and there was no FOMO or systematic protocol for everybody to fit in. The only FOMO was what the Catholic church used to scare Indians and young girls. Which should all be thrown out anyway. Someone over 2,000 years old is probably more understanding than you realize. And obviously there’s The Bible as well, The Word, which all kids should read and familiarize themselves with. If for no other reason, it will make you smarter and more aware. If you don’t know any better, Taylor Swift is a pop star, “song writer,” and an American Idol which so many young boys and girls turn to. Which if that is the most you know, then you might only be burned on a $50 poster. But give credit where credit is due. It’s a great business model, that targets and takes advantage of 14 year old girls. …I guess everybody’s doing it though. What the greater public isn’t aware of with her is that she is much more powerful and resourceful than just social status. She’s a master of sorts. She may even be a host of some of the wildest most influential parties there are!! Granted she also has a tremendous amount of help to do what she does. But what you see is not what you get with her. Her image couldn’t be any further from truth. She doesn’t have as much of a private life as she does a double life. And she is as wicked as it gets. Loooooowwwww, unethical, and fake, fake, fake. Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and there’s certainly been plenty of that. And all this is just merely an opinion from research of her, pop culture and the music industry going back to the 60s and before, interviews, and a little bit of my own experience as a human living in this world. But if you find somebody truly at their most vulnerable with no direction and nowhere to go, you’ll most likely for some time at least be able to lead them anywhere. And like a proper sociopath and con artist, get whatever you need, carve a cozy way out, and cover your ass completely. Beyond your normal flagrant abuse of power, Taylor Swift and some of these people and things are so versed in Biblical knowledge that they can truly lead a young person whose lived a mostly secular life down a road into the pits of utter desolation and ruin. They can actually weaponize The Word of God if you don’t know any better. They are able to take a soul up just high enough so when the time comes to pull the rug out from under them that fall from grace is catastrophic and possibly irrevocable. All the while manipulating them to no end and deconstructing and using their life in every way imaginable or as much as “they go along with it, or let them.” These people are the subjects, or the muse, for A LOT if not most of these performers, their songs, and their albums, and in the end are probably just hauled off and put somewhere in Madame Tussaud’s basement. Some are also marked with a scarlet letter that will stain and haunt whatever days they have left. And the ends justify the means. Actually nothing is justified and it doesn’t have to be. These are the sickest people on earth. What they do is so calculated and sophisticated and well done, it’s a marvel. It’s seductive, intoxicating, breath taking, and interesting, all at the same time while these people’s lives are being decimated and destroyed. It’s done in phases and with a script or playbook. The only rule is to do whatever you have to do. What that entails is unbelievable and the kind of stuff reserved only for the lowest of the low, and the scum of the earth. It’s a more grotesque abuse of influence, power, and abuse and sabotage of human life than any living human being can actually fathom unless they are victim of it. This is physical abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, mental abuse, professional abuse, financial abuse, social abuse, trauma abuse, spiritual abuse, and perhaps eternal abuse. Every way you can destroy and consume a person’s life, these people know how to do it, and are very good and seasoned at it. And they leave you with nothing, no one, and nowhere, not even yourself. They cut off your lifelines, and things you’ve always relied on. And typically these victims are society’s most vulnerable. They’re isolated, marginalized, typically they have a personality and disposition that would be more receptible to this type of ongoing abuse, and when it’s all said and done these people typically have absolutely no recourse, or even if they might their story is so bizarre and uncomfortable perhaps for anyone who hasn’t gone through the same thing that they’re often not believed even when they do say something. These people are preyed upon and preyed upon and preyed upon, over and over, again and again, until they don’t know what life is anymore, or they don’t want to know, or there just isn’t any life left to prey upon. Believe it or not, this has been going on for years, and certainly appears to be how Taylor Swift has built the majority of her catalog and her fake and fraudulent kingdom. Seems to be just business as usual. If you’re a musician, the people behind the scenes shouldn’t be more important than the actual “artist.” Also, please stop thinking these people are “artists.” Artists don’t destroy the ability for art to function in other people. Artists don’t desecrate the art of Life. And no real artist needs to steal the art of an independent artist on youtube in Australia and pawn it off to Faith Hill and Tim McGraw as a “gift.”  The hubris is astonishing. The cover up and actual support of an entire community and world of enablers is unbelievable. The moral code of the new world order: What’s in it (sometimes literally) for me? And how can we get away with it? …Pathetic.
I understand and wouldn’t expect things in Hollywood to be as they appear. But when they are this phony, fraudulent, cheap, disgusting, wrong, and worse than that even or anything that would be easy to believe, something should at least be said. People can control the environment as much as they want, put the kind of pressure and use the same kind of tactics in Harvey Weinstein like fashion to silence people, manipulate, manipulate, manipulate, and then some, but it still doesn’t negate the truth. Branding, presentation, and distribution, that’s all it is. The path to being “untouchable.” There’s no integrity. …There’s really not much at all. The idea is to play ball, or die, or somehow someway be silenced and eliminated. These people are nothing more than thugs and monsters.
This has been going on for a very long time, and of course Taylor Swift isn’t the one that’s behind all of it. She’s as owned as can be. Taylor Swift has to answer to more people than the Dominos app on a Friday night. She’s just another cog in the machine being told what to do. The people that are behind most all of this, that probably started all of it, are the Rothschilds family of banking.
(this paragraph I will describe certain tactics)
And I mean… it’s very elaborate, what goes on. As advanced and maybe efficient as high operation military procedures… and they implement artillery the military doesn’t have in any bunker. First is a reconnaissance. They gather more information on you than you have of yourself. Then they lure you in. They hit you on the head with something major in the beginning that keeps you guessing and always in need of their assistance to understand, or to stop. They give you a reason to be isolated and cave inward. You know, they give you something special; something that’s exotic and intriguing. It’s a little difficult, but just enough so it’s sexy and keeps you coming back. For instance, usually musicians will choose younger unestablished musicians, and so on. They give you a reason to feel connected, or a dirty little secret just between you and them. It’s something you guys share, and can build trust with, and obviously the idea is that it will lead to somewhere. …But of course it will only lead to your doom, or utter ruin, obviously. They breakdown your facilities and cut off your lifelines. This is the mental and emotional/psychological abuse phase. Without the victim really knowing or being able to totally grasp the situation, they scramble your brain, and put you in this hole where you feel so helpless and cut off from everyone and everything that all you know becomes filtered through that depression and that chaos. You don’t know what to do, and there’s no way out. And eventually you get to a point where that’s what becomes your reality. It’s a new normal where you don’t know and can’t truly realize what’s going on, but are forced to get used to it. But hey, at least sometimes it’s with Taylor Swift. She’s a good person, and this is going somewhere, right… All done in very planned out steps too. They shift, corrupt, and change your culture. What’s around you. And what you know of inside of you. Of course this is very difficult or impossible to recognize or take account of at the time. At this point you’re dependent on them. They know, and understand, what you want and what you need at all times and they manipulate, prey upon, and abuse the daylights out of you with it. They invade and infiltrate everything. Everything. Everywhere you go, they go, and it’s hard to understand that or explain it. But as it was told to me, if they’re not literally spying on you that very second, they’re in your head, they’ve infiltrated your work, your environment, your surroundings, they utilize different operatives, someone or some thing is always around, they’re always affecting you. Plus they’re very dedicated. And they will stoop down to the pits of the earth to create social (or whatever else) situations that are unescapable and unlivable. You can challenge, protest, resist, fight, whatever, any way you contest it, or try to adapt or be more cautious, etc., is at best temporarily effective. They’re always around, they always maintain the upper hand. And little by little they amplify the stakes, but everything on their terms and for their purpose. There’s nothing, in reality, you can do that would be comprehensive enough to repair and rebuild everything; there’s no turning back. Your life is different and you’re stuck looking and wandering around realizing it and watching it happen, but can’t actually go about “handling it” or really addressing it. It’s torture. This is torture, sabotage, disgrace and destruction of Life that shouldn’t happen to anyone. And it’s not like you actually bought the ticket to this, but you’re stuck with and you get to have the closest seat in the house to the ruining of your life. Try and enjoy! It’s a forced dominant and subordinate relationship where the dominant gets everything, and the subordinate gets to duck if they can. And this is before it gets to be a little much, and “weird.” Obviously it always is, but by now you’re well beyond the point of utter exhaustion. Then, at the appropriate time or whenever they’re instructed to, they break your spirit. You’re already polarized, torn, exhausted, bound, divided, disgraced, and depleted. They got you where they want and they have the in they need, in every way. After that, they proceed to do the same as they’ve already done, but now on a more direct spiritual level, and they truly conquer your Life. Don’t know how to explain this part that easily. I’ve heard it described multiple different ways. This is the aim, and the end game though the entire time. The idea isn’t to warp and destroy your mind, your body, your emotional well being, or the life you knew. It’s to decimate, corrupt, and kill your soul. To syphon the energy and the Life source you get from Beyond. Some learn this phase of things mostly as they experience it I guess, or at least become aware when they can. But of course always mainly on their terms. You might think this could never happen to you, and hopefully the circumstances of your life could smooth some of the variables, but if they chose you, they chose you for a reason, and there’s not much or anything these victims can do until it’s all over for them, no matter what degree of capabilities they possess. They also never let you get a break. As it was before, this is constant abuse, constant torture, constant manipulation, just now it’s spiritual and completely inexplicable. I mean unless you have the in with Billie Eilish, you have to be very careful trying to take a nap at this time. Hope’s an interesting thing around this time as well. It always is, but it can become deadly here. Don’t ever lose it though. Fun stuff! And after all that and everything, after learning how to meditate, take a yoga class, what chinging is, and everything else, they put you in a box. Eventually, they can literally take control of you. Having already been a guinea pig, a hamster, and a meal ticket, now you become their spiritual buffet, and life size and incredibly real looking remote controlled doll. Day in and day out you’re truly fighting for pieces of your Life and of your self. Still conscious throughout it all, just now you’re watching and feeling pieces of your soul be taken away. Instead of wondering what the next day at work is going to be like, or figuring the ways to allow your brain to recover, you wonder if they stole eternity from you, you wonder if you’re damned not just for the rest of your life, but for the rest of time, the concept of recovery gets more focused to: Where’s God? Rather than what is going on?, even though that’s definitely still there, there’s a shift to how can this actually happen. Also concurrent with all of this and everything else, you’re still being made to suffer the most degrading, demoralizing, disgusting and disturbing social situations. And this is it, everyday. Everyday, this is your life. Never really knowing who, what, how, or why. Some days are better than others, but sooner or later, they do take everything from you. Everything you knew. Everything you were. Everything you were going to be. And everything you are. Until all signs of Life are gone and you’re a ghost trapped in a shell made of skin, or a zombie. A lost confused drained broken corrupted beaten defeated lifeless controlled, zombie. You wind up dead, and worse, you’re not even deceased. Your life is no longer your own, it’s no longer from where it came from, and it no longer is. It’s the most invasive, oppressive, skipping many many unpleasant adjectives ahead, just f**ked up, soul killing thing there is. And this is just some of the iceberg. The depth to all of this is incalculable and impossible to describe. …And also sometimes it’s not even over after that…
This kind of thing, these kind of atrocities shouldn’t be happening. And they wouldn’t be if we didn’t allow it. This world we inhabit deserves better. It’s its natural right. We deserve better. Real live human beings deserve better than this. Freedom and abundance is our natural destiny, not slavery and ruin. Things should be, and obviously can be, better. Better music. Better “stars.” Better role models. Better values. Better morals. Better standards. Better people. A better way of Life. And more. More. MORE.
I’ve heard this word too much: Crisis. A constant state of crisis… Which by definition is a constant state of panic, worry, fear, and darkness. It seems all too common and familiar. It is not the natural state for human beings, and it is not at all what was intended for the world we live in. And as it always has been, it is only up to us to change who and what it is we turn to, when things are pleasant, and in times of need. And the same for that which we determine for our children. Whether you agree or not, there is not a word I can use to state it accurately enough, but it’s beyond the realest, truest, and most factual of facts, that change is possible if desired, and that things could be better. A lot better. For everyone and everything.
Whether you agree or not, know there is a spiritual war waged everyday for the hearts, minds, and souls of individuals. Everyday the battle wages on. For some it’s worse than others. And in the end one route is more fulfilling and rewarding. If you can’t speak to something, or about something, then it’s probably not the truth. People seem to misconstrue why certain things are being done. Probably because of what they’re told over and over again, mostly by a system that produces and ensures it. And we’re left with kids worshiping “the universe,” idolizing music that isn’t actual music, and seeking convenience in everything including quality and character. This is a product of a system that rules with arrogance and provides with lies, and also creates scapegoats out of people that are actually trying to do what’s most noble and brave. Some people make it easier than others to become that scapegoat, and then all the system needs to do especially now is turn on the television, or your phone, and crank out the programming. Only a system (like the central bank, the people that run it, and all that branches from it, and things that are even older than that) that rules with sheer arrogance and provides with constant lies would turn the individuals that come to fight it and truly give the power back to the people into a mockery. This is not intended to be a political piece or paragraph, and ultimately what I want to say is in your time of need, in your darkest hour, consider your heart. Don’t overthink it. Your heart is your source of life, and the people willing to go to the extreme and through the depths _for you_ deserve at least better than being considered: less than. And it’s a mistake not to consider, or consider too late, that the thing that resides in your heart, that fills it with love and joy and peace like no other, and the most amazing inspiration there ever could be isn’t something that is just simply biological or inherent to you. I think it’s Something that people don’t consider enough, or Someone. And don’t ever be mistaken that there aren’t People and Things in place far beyond just this world, that love you tremendously and want the absolute best for you. And there is no other agenda than that. Don’t let your heart be led to something that doesn’t actually care about it, is completely self interested, that didn’t create it, and that didn’t give Everything for you to have it.
It’s a small example in the big picture of things, but a significant enough microcosm to what is going on. And there isn’t as much a real personal cost or eminent consequence to some as it is to others, but to say the least it is wrong to look to and turn to people who have been handed everything since they were a child, and are used to people groveling at their every move and being called a “queen,” who were picked and groomed to be the face of a corporate monster, and who don’t live and have no need whatsoever to live by merit and accountability, to look to them for nobility in leadership. What you see is not really what is. And that is how ass backwards this world and society has become. These are people that created a system to enable, minimize, and destroy. To destroy, steal, lessen, devalue, disgrace, and tarnish Life. That’s it. People that take individuals, their dreams, their value, their Love, their Life, and create and supplement an environment meant to exasperate certain flaws and issues that they’re going through at that time, break them down, use them, and ultimately consume everything. Again, done in the cheapest and most demoralizing ways possible. These are people and things that created and mastered, destruction, deconstruction, and annihilation. Nothing more. Taylor Swift wants to proclaim and represent matters of the heart… It’s just not true. It’s not real. What these people do, part of what they are great at, is manipulation and presentation. Including marketing, performing, and distributing. It’s not real though. What you see is not what is. Nothing you see is real. It’s not genuine, at all.
I mean what are we doing? If each and every person was lifted off and planted on their own island and had their own world, these kinds of mistakes wouldn’t be made. There wouldn’t be any murders, or lies, or theft, or competition, or grief, or whatever, but it also wouldn’t be as interesting. There wouldn’t be any potential for anything. There wouldn’t be the love of others, there wouldn’t be compassion, or unity, conversation, or humanity with anything other than basic survival necessities. There wouldn’t be much. Seeing that we don’t possess our own little individual worlds, there is interaction, and mistakes are made. Someone like Taylor Swift being the most “followed” person on social media is one of those mistakes. And though she’s a premier performer, this kind of mistake to this extreme can only be so with a system that perpetuates and enables it. This is a very cultivated system at play. Hopefully people are too busy living their life to notice, or care. But we as a society have collectively turned to and for the most part put in place leaders and things that have no inherent value. No real quality. And at the core are as hollow as it gets. What they have is stuff. There’s nothing wrong with stuff or being a materialist if you were born that way. But all is not material. And Life, centered around materialism is again, nothing, and cheap.
But I guess if I didn’t have any substance to myself or my life, I would want everything and as much as possible too. I would want to know the power an idea can have so I could use it to my advantage. I would want years and years of experience so I knew what I was doing down to every last detail. I would want cover, I would want a system in place that protects me and my interests at all times. I would want money, because why not, obviously, and I would want to be able to control every aspect of it. I would want as much authority as I can possibly have and I would do whatever I needed to to get it. I would want the entire earth, and all that’s in it. I could possibly be wrong but maybe just so I could look back and laugh and be able to feel something at all. That’s what’s at work here. And that’s what we’ve done. That’s what’s being “accomplished.”
Imagine a world without compassion, without mercy and forgiveness, without altruism, without a helping hand, without softness, without a gentle touch, without heart, or anything pure at all, without everlasting peace, without character, without morals, without the greatest source of Love there is, everybody only in it for themselves, their self righteous entitled beliefs, and the biggest chunk of stuff they can get? I mean eventually down the road they’re going to have to learn to laugh at themselves, because the meek, the noble, and the nice have all been eaten and consumed. This might sound exaggerative and maybe like I’m getting ahead of myself, but I’m also not. This kind of thing is happening today, right now. People, young people, of tremendous value, eager, able, and willing to make a worthy contribution are being swallowed up, pushed back, pushed down, tarnished, disregarded, buried or left to rot, every single day. And this is what we’ve chosen. Just in case you didn’t think about it, or you don’t know it: A world like that, has to be run by something, things, and people that don’t give the faintest crap about anything or anyone. It’s not sustainable. And the only value a human could have is when they go along with it, and they are of assistance to big brother and the “great” machine. Good thing it’s an incentivized pyramid scheme, because the most you’ll ever really be is a pawn. Your “greatest” destiny would be to own a nice car, if you’re lucky and serving enough. A world like that, unless you, yourself, own every part of it, there is no hope. (no matter how many celebrity environmentalists there are) There is no future.
Everything doesn’t have to be the best. We tend to do that too much. Everything doesn’t have to be the best, or the #greatest. Leave that on the stoops, lunch benches, and barber shops to pass the time. I’ve talked about “better” a lot, but I know that’s not for me to decide. I think it’s better to be vulnerable and confident, rather than arrogant and dismissive. I’ve always loved the nuance in things, the subtitles of life. I want to feel and truly experience as much as possible. I try to be as available and open as I can be to allow that to happen. At times, maybe too open and too available. And I had to learn this like most everybody, but you can’t take for granted the things you think you know when you’re young. This world has its way of beating people down. And I’ve talked to a lot of people that weren’t as lucky as I was. These days now I’m certain everything really does happen for a reason. And it’s not just some cute thing you put at the end of a book, and I’m very lucky to know that. Call me crazy, but I love things like a good hug, or a real embrace. I love the little notes of beauty that are there everyday in Life, that are never ending, and provided in abundance. I love being able to see, feel, and experience little notes here and there, and more often than not those notes, those little hints of Life all come together in ways that I can’t understand, in perfect harmony. That’s my “better.” Let’s not continue to build a world that is forged in usury and debauchery, everybody one upping each other and looking to be the best because they have to, leaving behind whatever that it might have been. That’s not how it was designed, and isn’t what is meant to be. That’s mostly how a small group of people made it. This generation seems to have a desire to care. Allow it. Nurture it. Protect it. Let’s show the world, more importantly, let’s show each other what we’re made of. And that is, always has been, and I believe always will be: Love. All we need to do is care enough to try. Try enough, and eventually it will happen. That’s been promised. Just keep knocking. More than you could ever imagine will be opened.
God. God is everywhere and in everything. Not in three billion years did I ever think I’d say anything like this, but God knows every hair on your head, every secret you’ve had, every single thing you’ve ever known or felt. God knew exactly who you were before your parents ever could have imagined. Heaven is a place where miracles happen more than every day, and they’re miracles that are meant for you, that mean the world to you. And that’s just a part of it. It’s been said the world isn’t worth your soul, because it’s not. Your soul is worth more and is of more value than the world. Don’t go giving it to somebody or something that doesn’t care about it, that doesn’t have a clue about, that wouldn’t know what to do with it, that only wants it because he needs it. Another fact: satan, or if you’re not willing to go there entirely, the rothschilds at least, have their hands and their pockets deep in most all facets of life. It became like that because they control the flow of money. From what I understand, and I’m not an economics professor, almost every major industry and institution on this planet is controlled in some way by them. Politics, entertainment, media, education, and others all carry their signature. And yet, from beyond the galaxies or wherever it is, God, Jesus Christ, and The Kingdom of Heaven is still, by far, the most powerful and profound thing on earth. What does that say about satan? I’ll tell you: …what a piss ant. And I haven’t even gotten to the good part yet.
You should treat, and revere the Word of God like it is the Word of God. Nothing was until God spoke that Word. You are not if God didn’t think of and love you enough to do that. And It is as powerful, as It is alive. When you talk to spiritual people at spiritual places and you bring up Christianity, immediately people say, “Too many rules, too many rules, …oh just more stuff I can and cannot do.” People associate Christ too much with the Catholic church, and that’s probably because the Catholic church is old and has the most money. It’s not accurate though. The Catholic church and the Vatican, and plenty of its representatives took the guts and the spirit out of Jesus Christ. I’m not an authority on this, you’d have to ask a scholar or a historian, but I believe the Vatican and its leaders took out and hid a lot of the the teachings of Christ, and added a lot of stuff in order to make it more of a religion. Jesus doesn’t care about your religion. Jesus didn’t come here to establish religions. And I don’t want to overstep or offend anybody I don’t want to offend, but the religious institutions that are, whom proclaim to be centered in Christ, should stop bickering about mostly minuscule differences between this and that. Is that really what it’s about? You think Jesus cares about that? Believe me, I’m the most unlikely person to say this, but you’re not giving Him enough credit. Jesus Christ is beyond all of that, and far more amazing. He’s not wondering whether or not you’re doing it exactly the way you’re suppose to. Jesus Christ isn’t oppressive. Do you think you master this world, life, and death by limiting or being limited? What Jesus brought forth were values. Do you think Jesus Christ doesn’t want you to live your best, fullest, and most wonderful life you can have? That’s the most absurd thing ever thought of, if you think about it. Jesus is the kind of Guy that would walk in front of a train for you, or worse. And why?? I’m not going to go on about this, but let’s at least get the basics right.
I wish this world was a perfect world. I wish this world was more beautiful at times. I wish people were better to each other. I wish we could reach out and save all of the world’s suffering. But it’s not. They’re not. And I don’t know if we’re meant to. We strive for progress. Who knows if we ever really see it. I’d like to do my part. I’d like to play a note, share a verse, and whatever will be, will be.
I didn’t want to get too far into the conspiracy theory weeds, but it’s impossible not to. Like any job or project, there’s always a lot more that goes on behind the scenes than whatever gets brought to the surface. In Jim Valvano’s famous speech he said everyday: Try to cry; have your emotions be moved to tears. Try to laugh; live abundantly, enjoy company and love life. And try to spend some time in thought; be enthusiastic and enjoy the precious moments you have. Try. He said that was a great day. What I’ve mentioned throughout this email are people and things that have the ability to truly strip, tarnish, and destroy all of this, even in a person who does each one of them to outstanding measures. To reach the top or toward the top of that kind of organization, or anything like it, know that there is a body trail, and a trail of souls as well. Lives and Life that has been left behind and vanished. Enough love from people willing to give it that could probably heal the entire planet have been stolen, lost, eaten, bled dry, and worse. Works, contributions, dreams, that would create and sustain value, that who knows what would be if given a chance, halted, torn, burnt, gone. All for nothing more than the benefit and pleasure of sick people that don’t deserve it. These people, these organizations, have the orchestrated backing and support of all the corporations and media outlets they need, and plenty of other means as well. And they’re very good at orchestration and cover-up. Doesn’t mean that these things aren’t happening. They are indeed. And now you know. Every single one of us human beings, we all have a journey. Most are very long, and very difficult. And that has never not been ok. But if we’re all stuck as human beings living in this world, can we at least agree on two basic and hopefully universal desires: that we want our children to have the best lives they can, and that we want a better world for us to live in. To me there isn’t much more we could hope for as a species that inhabits this place. But what are we investing in? What are we saying that matters? And why? Who are we turning to as a culture and calling our leaders and our role models? And again, why? Is it what is expected of us? Is it what we are choosing? Or do we just not know any better? Or all of the above? If the brain is the command center and all things run down from it, and all things go through and function by it, and the heart is the vessel which pumps and streams the nutrients necessary to the brain and the rest of the body to allow Life to happen, then might we call it true that Life actually starts in the heart and stems from there? The heart belongs to the brain as much as the brain is dependent on the heart. But it is in the heart where Life actually begins, and becomes. Therefore it is our upmost duty to protect and defend it by all means. And we’ve done a pretty piss poor job of doing so. What is the heart of this world today? Is it a cell phone, or a hashtag? Does it even have one? And it needs to be something more than just a shape you make with your hands or a pasty on an album cover. …Don’t say the music either. It’s not really even theirs.
Everything truly does happen for a reason. Every single second, moment, thought, feeling, action, everything, is accounted for. And there is Something and Someone that has always actually had our back, and then there are these squirmy insolent disgusting little creatures that want everything for themselves. I can’t tell you what to believe, and we can’t say or determine what is real until we experience the things that lead us to adopt what becomes true for each of us. Even then, sometimes a rock can fall on our head and we can look up and think it’s the wind. We all make mistakes. Life was not designed to be simple or easy, and that’s why we’re all gravitated toward that and those which seem to make it like that is how it actually is. But it’s not, and it shouldn’t be. Typically, and in some cases certainly, all they are, are incredibly arrogant liars. That’s it. Some people make it their entire lives and devotion to provide as many as they can with a sense of strength, purpose, peace, humor, joy, and comfort. And then there are those that say, there’s our mark, there’s something we can use, there’s dinner… in order so they can have something they’re able to laugh at. It’s not coincidence, or “just the way things go” why our world, in every facet and stitch, except maybe cheap technology, is crumbling, being ripped, torn, divided, falling apart, and going to crap. It’s nothing that’s meant to be. It’s a ploy, and a scheme. Designed by crap. Built by crap. And for… crap. Life isn’t meant to be easy, or even easier. Life is meant to be great. Life is meant to be extraordinary. Life is infinite. And Life is perfect. That’s the way It was designed, and intended. Why go sell it to anything, and hand it over to stuff that doesn’t care at all? Life today is already full of enough crap. Stop buying it. And it would be a mistake not to assure anyone that may not believe it: Anything and everything truly is possible. Let’s be expansive. Let’s let ourselves be more honest. Let’s be trusting. Let’s be better, to one another, and then some. Let’s avoid constriction, restriction, destruction without any just cause. Let’s avoid deceit and hubris. Let’s avoid mediocrity. Let’s not make this world into a container, or a death trap. It’s certainly not suppose to be. This world needs to stop destroying itself. This world needs to be yanked, pulled, pushed, fought for, and driven back towards the things and the stuff that are actually really and truly beautiful, and above all else, LOVE. And for God’s sake people, that Love needs to be real.
It has been my pleasure and honor to exercise my right to free speech, thank you very much.