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The Last Strand

The Last Strand

Full transcript of telegram:

“On Friday October 5 1973 I am going to break your spaghetti eating record as reported in the Guiness Book of World Records. It would be a great pleasure to have you present to defend your title when I sit down to eat at 10:30 am on that date at the Old Fashioned Spaghetti Village. The resturant is located at 652 North La Peer in West Hollywood, CA. I look forward to seeing you then and there sincerely.

John Lombino world’s record holder cheese and prune eating”

The Last Strand tells the incredible story of the 1972 world spaghetti eating champion Tom Cresci who ate over 200 yards of spaghetti. Filmed, edited, and released in less than ten hours, this is a fun telling of a really fun story made all the better by really fun characters. Although the record was short lived, Tom Cresci’s triumph captured the hearts of dozens and still to this day remains an accomplishment worth telling.

Pictured below is Tom Cresci in the midst of setting the world spaghetti eating record



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