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Final Intergram Sequence

Final Intergram Sequence

Don’t just acknowledge it, recognize it, use it as a subject in some album of yours, or even make movies about it. Allow it into you. Maybe even allow it to change you, or transform you. Allow it to make you better. Wrap you in such a substance that it’s overwhelming in the best ways possible. That’s what it’s meant to do. That’s what it will do. There’s no stopping it, unless you’re a corpse or a digital cut-out. Let it speak to you. Let it touch you. Take it in. Take it into your heart. Then you’ll be able to share it and pass it along. Pass it down the lines. I’ve seen and known a lot of ‘wonderful’ things. Maybe the best of which, in my opinion, is when something Real comes along and moves you in a way that you can’t explain rationally. You just know it’s good. It’s whole. It lets you know everything is going to be o.k. It compels you to be as much as you can be, for as many as you can be. It gives you the will to stand true, the courage to stand up, the grace to stand firm, maybe better yet, it motivates you to be generous, to look upon your fellow man, your brother or sister in this thing we call Life, and give a fuck. Knowing you can. There is no attempt at “authentic living.” You don’t need to try to be ‘authentic.’ It’s just what you do.

Folks, I don’t know what’s going on, or what people are doing, but there’s no reason why great music shouldn’t last, and stand the test of time.