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It always smelt of smoke and cheap cologne. Pasty dim light hid sleazy lurks and drops of sweat. The community’s most elite legal minds, rowdy military personnel, and overzealous frat brothers carried on prevailing conversations. All gathered to witness an intimate and personal view of the female form. Matching clone-like waitresses swapped out drinks. But by the time ten o’clock came around, conversations stopped, men wiped their foreheads, jaws dropped, and employees glared.

Kendall was by far the most beautiful girl they had. She was as good, maybe even better looking than some of those girls in the magazines. And her show was spectacular. It wasn’t your normal everyday bra and panties dance. It was always one of a kind, and it always left the audience begging for more. She was absolutely the best.

Every night she’d leave that place, always right after the show, always escorted by security, always quickly, and always eager to get home. She’d swing by her neighbor’s, who were generous enough to watch her young son, James. And James was always excited to see his mom. He unfortunately suffered from a learning impairment since birth. This always concerned and perplexed Kendall, as she was very responsible throughout her pregnancy.

And every night was the same. She’d put James to bed, tuck him in, whisper that she loved him, he could do anything, and she would always be there for him. Afterward she’d go and sit down in the shower, sometimes upwards of an hour. No matter how things were going or what happened at work, it was the only time of the day she allowed for herself. She would always dream of a better life for her and James. And she clung onto that thought with every breath she took until she’d eventually have to force herself to dream that dream again.

This was how it was for over two years.

Night after night after she’d taken care of her son, she’d wind up huddled in the shower, locked away with nothing but her thoughts and the warmth of the running water. And after awhile, cleansing the stench of that place had grown to be enough. Between dealing with the clientele, gross management, ownership, the job itself, and every night looking back how she got there, she was done. The paycheck was no longer worth it, the toll had taken enough, and she was ready for her and her son to start fresh again, no matter what.

She discussed with James what she wanted, and that spring began planning. By the time summer rolled around, new horizons were in view and on the way. Nevertheless she was still depleted and worn out from the job… That’s when everything was about to change.

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